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65. The Importance of Self-Care & Soul-Care: What’s the Difference, Why You Need BOTH, and HOW to Implement Each into Your Daily Routine to Work More Productively and Live More Abundantly

May 4, 2022

We hear a lot about self-care and I believe most of us know why practicing self-care is so important, especially as moms. But knowing, and truly understanding in the depth of our soul is a different story. And what about soul-care?


As Christ followers we know that time spent with God is the most important facet to growing closer to Jesus, and self-care without soul care might nourish your body and mind but what about your spirit? Your spirit needs nourishment too. 


So today, sweet mama, I’m giving you some tactical ways you can work these practices into your daily routines along with a little (or big) sister in Christ push and permission to commit, or recommit, to your own self-care AND soul-care so you can work more productively in your network marketing business and home life, and live and give more abundantly. 


Dream Big. Know Your Worth. Live Abundantly!

Melodie Bishop


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