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72. What is PURPOSEFUL Prospecting? Learn How to Prospect in a More Purposeful, Relational, and Authentic Way in Your Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Social Selling Business

June 23, 2022
Does prospecting make you anxious? Are you concerned you might say or do the wrong thing? Do you worry you'll come off pushy, spammy, weird, or desperate? I feel you mama, and I know you are not alone. The icky and cold methods of prospecting, most network marketing gurus and companies teach, not only make our leads cringe to the point of hitting that unfollow, or even block, button - but you know deep in your heart that they are not authentic or aligned with running a business of integrity, or honoring God with your business. 
There's a better, dare I say more enjoyable, way! Let's chat about shifting your perspective on prospecting and learn how to make meaningful connections, build beautiful relationships, and serve and solve your way to loyal raving customers and teammates, in learning to prospect in your network marketing business in a more purposeful and authentic way.
Want to catch the rest of the 'Purposeful Prospecting Masterclass' and learn how to Create Your Own Purposeful Prospecting Process AND 'Connect and Close with Heart'?

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